Episode 7 with Cassie from Nutritional Weight and Wellness; Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise is one of my 10 minute Monday interviews.  The focus of 10 minute Mondays is specifically for new and exciting client event ideas.  For these interviews I will try and take a quick look at some of the interesting client events I come across and go over the details in that in hopes that the event idea may be a good fit for your practice.  Health and nutrition continue to become more and more important as we are learning more and more about what we put in our bodies.  I believe the idea of having a licensed nutritionist do a 60-90 minute presentation for your clients and prospects is exactly what they are looking for.  This is even more of an area of interest for the baby boomer generation.  As they move into their “golden years” they want to make sure they are taking the very best care of themselves so they can enjoy life to its fullest.  I hope you enjoy Episode 7 with Cassie from Nutritional Weight and Wellness. 



·      What does a typical client in nutrition and wellness look like

·      What areas of health and wellness do you cover in your classes

·      How popular is this area of focus

·      How easy is it to set up a group presentation or class


·      The main areas or boxes to check to make sure you have a successful event

·      How to put on events that can be repeated consistently and easily

·      Focus on value add events outside of finance for your clients and prospects

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