Episode 5 with Rick Stawarz: The Future is Now, Hop on Board (client event idea)

The Future is Now, Hop on Board is one of my 10 minute Monday interviews and is absolutely the #1 client event idea I am talking about lately.  The focus of 10 minute Mondays is specifically for new and exciting client event ideas.  For these interviews I will try and take a quick 10 minute look at some of the interesting client events I come across and go over the details on that in hopes that the event idea may be a good fit for your practice.  I know Advisors are always looking for ways to connect with their current clients in new ways and strengthen the relationship even more, and at the same time attract new prospects.  I have worked with Rick for just a short time but after hearing what he does in these “life enrichment” client events I knew it was an idea I needed to start talking about.  Rick holds group events for Financial Advisors and their clients to instruct them on how to more effectively use their mobile devices.  There are so many new Apps and new capabilities being added to these devices, that are going to enrich our lives, but like anything we need to be informed and educated on how to best use them.  I hope you enjoy episode 5 with Rick Stawarz.    


  • How did you get this started
  • How do you get the audience involved
  • What are the most popular topics
  • How do you make tech learning fun


  • How to create a client event that has your clients asking for repeat events
  • How much technology is tied into our lives
  • What kind of events will have your clients talking to friends and family

Rick Stawarz and the App Instructor contact information

For those looking for a consultant similar to Rick, Apple has a great website to find exactly that person in any area, the web address is www.consultants.apple.com