Episode 4 with Tyler Hirth: Shoot and Ask Questions During (client event idea)

Shoot and Ask Questions During is one of my 10 minute Monday interviews.  The focus of 10 minute Mondays is specifically for new and exciting client event ideas.  For these interviews I will try and take a quick 10 minute look at some of the interesting client events I come across and go over the details on that in hopes that the event idea may be a good fit for your practice.  I know Advisors are always looking for ways to connect with their current clients in new ways and strengthen the relationship even more, and at the same time attract new prospects.  I have worked with Tyler and his team for a couple years and recently we had a chance to talk about a great client event he does on a yearly basis.  The event is skeet shooting and pheasant hunting with some clients.  This is an activity that is growing in popularity with all types and what I think is the best feature of this type of event is the interaction you get with your clients.  Tyler does a great job explaining how he set this event up and the significant benefits it has provided him.  I hope you enjoy Episode 4 with Tyler Hirth.   


  • How did you come up with this idea
  • What has been the impact with clients participating in this event
  • What are some key lessons learned from these events
  • What are your client event plans going forward


  • The impact of getting outside the normal meeting places
  • How to get your “A” clients to invite their “A” client friends
  • Strategic follow up, especially with prospects