Definition of being “Meta” (as a prefix)

In essence “Meta” means to take anything to a higher state of development, and be even more comprehensive. As reflected in the tag line for this podcast “to go to the next level and beyond the norm!”

About Jeff Spah

Hi there. My name is Jeff Spah and I wanted to share a little about myself.

As far back as I can remember two of my greatest passions have been the quest to just make things better, and the world of Finance. As for the first, my wife gets to regularly hear me go off on tangents in great detail as to why everyday things can and should be done better and my quest to make that happen. It can be things as innocuaous as the scoop I use to make my protein shake in the morning or as complex as creating a gathering and distribution system for fresh water in this country. The second, my love of the world of Finance, goes all the way back to when I was just a child. I have always been intrigued by Finance and money and the effect it has on us all. For some it means survival, for others status or affirmation, and yet others it means burden. I can think of few things that stir the feelings and actions of man, more than money. Funny story, back when I was in middle school I even dressed up as the character Gordan Gekko from the movie Wall Street for Halloween. Now I certainly don’t condone his characters actions but there was no denying the intrigue of his world and his character. I have worked in the area of Finance in several capacities over the last 17 years, with the last 10 years as a Wholesaler working directly with thousands of Financial Advisors. This podcast is my effort to combine my two passions and become a resource for Financial Advisors to help them, just do things better! Thank you

Why The Meta Advisor

I started the meta advisor as a response to conducting thousands of meetings with financial advisors and wanting to help. I think one of the great unknowns to the general public is the complexity and vast array of areas of expertise it takes to be a great financial advisor. Yes, of course there is priority number one for your clients in advising them in investing and financial planning. However, as you well know that is only part of what you do. As an advisor you wear many hats and are involved in many aspects of your clients lives beyond financial well being. Your serve as part time psychologist, family counselor, mortgage consultant, ever car buyer and vacation planner. You do all of this while trying to build a business in one of the most competitive and highly regulated industries on the planet.

The Meta Advisor is here to give you the resources and actionable ideas that will set you apart and above the crowd in one of the most challenging career’s out there.

Twice a month, The Meta Advisor will interview the top performers and thought leaders across a spectrum of industries that will help you build your business and meet your goals. We will interview people from all walks, from the top performers in finance, to leaders in emerging technology, to individuals on the fore front of regulation, and even the high net worth clients you all covet to gain insight into what they look for in a financial advisor.

Thank you for taking the time to join me, now let’s get Meta!